Success Stories

Jamal headshot

Jamal – MST-PSB Counseling Services

At 14, Jamal faced challenges with behavior, often finding himself in conflicts and altercations at school. His difficulties in managing his emotions and actions, particularly in relation to problem sexual behavior (PSB) incidents, were escalating. Recognizing the need for intervention, Jamal was directed to the YOS MST-PSB counseling services. Over an eight-month period, Jamal, alongside

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Video: Armando – “You’ve Got to Put in the Work” – Counseling Services

Referred to YOS for counseling after his girlfriend was involved in a shooting, Armando initially found it difficult to express his emotions, explaining, “Where I grew up, you can’t open up to people because you can’t trust everybody.” As a former gang member, he was familiar with the dangers of street life, including being shot

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Phillip – Juvenile Justice

Phillip’s journey before joining YOS was marked by poor decisions. He had left school, disregarded his mother’s guidance, and engaged in drug selling, leading to his arrest and detainment in juvenile detention. At YOS, Phillip found a supportive environment that fostered self-belief. He completed his probation, a process that included building trust with his parole

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