Case Management

Case management is a method of organizing and completing tasks to meet the unique needs of a youth and their family in a systematic, timely, and appropriate manner. These needs can be addressed through direct support or referrals while adhering to the objectives of the project or program. It is a dynamic process that involves assessing, planning, implementing, coordinating, monitoring, and evaluating to improve outcomes, experiences, and value. The case management process plays a vital role in assisting a specific patient/client in coordinating and navigating through their healthcare journey.

At YOS, every client is assigned a case manager to help the youth and their family navigate the necessary in-home services. These services include counseling, domestic violence prevention, substance abuse treatment, mental health treatment, parenting coaching/classes, or housing. Case management is based on the idea that when a person reaches their optimal level of health and functional ability, it benefits everyone involved. This includes the youth receiving care, their support network, healthcare providers, and any sources of payment for the services provided.