Teen Pregnancy Prevention

Personal Responsibility Education Program (PREP) offers comprehensive sex education for middle and high school students in school settings. The evidence-based curriculum, called Making Proud Choices!, utilizes knowledge building, attitude exploration, and skill development activities to encourage youth to delay sexual experiences, reduce their risk of teenage pregnancy, and prevent sexually transmitted infections, including HIV.

Youth learn about consent, abstinence, contraception, and barrier methods and practice strategies for making responsible decisions about sex.

Program Goals

  • Increase knowledge of HIV, STIs, and pregnancy prevention.
  • Believe in the value of safer sex, including abstinence.
  • Improve youths’ ability to negotiate abstinence/safer-sex practices.
  • Increase teenager’s ability to use condoms correctly.
  • Develop stronger intentions to use condoms if they have sex.
  • Lower incidence of HIV/STI sexual risk-taking behavior.
  • Take pride in choosing responsible sexual behaviors.

PREP also contains three additional Adult Preparation lessons to help youth make responsible decisions in other areas. These lessons explore

  • Healthy relationships
  • Financial literacy
  • Adolescent development
  • Healthy life skills
  • Educational and career success

Download our Teen Pregnancy Prevention (PREP) brochure