Family Reunification & Preservation

Family Reunification and Preservation provide services to stabilize the homes of at-risk youth and their families, relatives, guardians, or caregivers. At YOS, family preservation services are short-term, family-focused services designed to assist families in crisis by improving parenting and family functioning while keeping youth safe. Services provided by YOS include:

  • Crisis intervention.
  • Counseling.
  • Home-based services.
  • Casework and case management services.
  • Parenting training.
  • Limited cash assistance.
  • Linkages to services available in the community.

Family Reunification can have a positive impact on youth, families, and the state in the following ways:

  • Improvement of Feelings of Security and Stability.
  • Sense of Belonging and Identity.
  • Reduced Likelihood of Re-Entering the Juvenile Justice System.