Archie – YOS Prevention Program

In discussing the challenges of Chicago’s toughest neighborhoods, Christi, YOS Program Manager of Prevention Services, pointed out the scarcity of resources and support for local youth, saying, “There are not as many resources and not too many people that will come in and work with the youth in the area.”

Christi has seen the significant difference YOS makes in these communities. A prime example is Archie, a 16-year-old YOS client who navigates daily risks in the city: “Living in this city, you might not wake up the next morning, so to have something positive to look forward to is very, very great.” Archie, actively involved in YOS’s prevention curriculum, has excelled in his job at a local barbershop, a position he secured through YOS’s collaboration with One Summer Chicago.

For Archie, the YOS prevention program represents more than just educational content; it’s about gaining a support system. He views YOS as an opportunity for Chicago’s youth “Not just for the money and not just for the work hours, but to have a family, and have someone to talk to if they can’t talk to their own family.”

The impact of providing care and support to at-risk youth can be profound and life-altering. YOS is committed to nurturing an environment of compassion, impact, and resilience. Working alongside the community, we aim to make a lasting, positive change in the lives of Chicago’s most vulnerable young people.