Impact Story: Carlos, Counseling Services

Life could have very easily turned out quite different for Carlos.

At 12, Carlos faced a pivotal moment when his father passed away, leading to declining grades and a loss of interest in life. His school suggested he engage with YOS, but initially, Carlos was reluctant. This changed when he met Xavier, his mentor, who soon became like a brother to him.

Reflecting on this time, Carlos said, “I grew up in a bad neighborhood, the kind that you don’t want to walk through after dark. Xavier insisted on walking me home every night from YOS to make sure I got there safely. Xavier just went above and beyond.” This dedicated mentorship played a crucial role in redirecting Carlos’ life.

Grateful for the support, Carlos acknowledges, “I am blessed I had a group that stepped in, cared, and showed me that it wasn’t going to be bad forever.” Now 32, a father of three with another child on the way, and thriving in his dream job, he reflects on his journey with appreciation:

“YOS is a truly special place. It changed my life, gave me an outlet, and molded me into the man I am today.”

In a beautiful turn of events, Carlos now contributes back to the organization that once supported him, saying, “I will always be willing to donate to the organization that has given me so much as a youth.”

Carlos’ transformation exemplifies the essence of YOS’s mission: welcoming youth in challenging times, providing unwavering support, and empowering them to make meaningful contributions to the world.