Levi – Juvenile Justice & Detention

Before his involvement with YOS, Levi struggled with making constructive life choices. He had left school, was not listening to his mother, and got involved in drug dealing. This path led to his arrest and time in a juvenile detention center.

At YOS, Levi found the support and motivation he needed to change his trajectory. He successfully completed his probation with the help of his YOS counselor and fostered a trusting relationship with his parole officer. Additionally, his bond with his mother grew stronger. Levi acknowledges the role of YOS in learning the importance of hard work and its benefits.

Today, Levi works at a renowned taco restaurant and is saving up to pursue culinary education. He has saved enough to move into his own apartment, marking a significant step towards independence.

For his dedication and effort, Levi was awarded the Outstanding Youth Award at the YOS Leadership for Youth Celebration. In challenging times, he recalls the advice of his counselor:

“Never give up without giving it your all. Keep trying until you exhaust every option.”

This mindset continues to guide him through life’s obstacles.

*Not his real name or photo