Nikki Hale

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Nikki Hale Consulting Inc.

Nikki Hale is the founder of Nikki Hale Consulting Inc. She works nationally and internationally facilitating fun, challenging and effective learning environments for youth development workers and leaders in a variety of systems (Chicago Public Schools, Chicago Park District, Chicago Family Support Services, Kansas Enrichment Network, Oakland School District, Afterschool Matters, Feeding America, the Chicago Transit Authority). She is also a High Performance Coachâ„¢ supporting individuals and groups to perform consistently above the norm without sacrificing their relations and health.

Nikki is a graduate of Manchester Polytechnic England, where she trained as a Youth and Community Worker. After graduating, she returned to Bristol, UK where she was employed by a community arts center and a theater company as their youth worker. In 1989, as part of the American Youth Work Centers Exchange program, Nikki came to Chicago and began an 18th month work exchange at Youth Outreach Services. She actually stayed 18 years! She held a number of positions ranging from street outreach worker to manager of multiple youth programs. She is excited to return as a board member.

Nikki lives in Forest Park with her wife, Beth.