Video: Dajah – YOS Provides a Safe Place to Blossom

Peer pressure played a positive role in Dajah’s life when her friends encouraged her to join the YOS Teen Reach Prevention Program in Austin, a safe haven for youth after school. Initially reserved, Dajah gradually became more engaged, thanks to Brison, the YOS Teen Reach Coordinator, who involved her in group discussions, cooking lessons, and field trips.

At the program, Dajah found a supportive and understanding community. She grew close to Brison and other staff members, as well as fellow participants, her presence brightening the atmosphere with her smile and laughter.

Dajah appreciates the program’s impact, saying, “The program keeps me from being in the streets, doing bad things. This is just a place where I can escape. I can do my homework and talk to my friends.” The program provides a fun, secure environment for kids to express themselves freely without fear.

Motivated by her late father’s career in medicine, Dajah aspires to enter the medical field, aiming to create a better life for herself and her mother.

The Teen Reach Prevention Program plays a crucial role in helping teens like Dajah discover their potential and nurture their dreams.