Video: Armando – “You’ve Got to Put in the Work” – Counseling Services

Referred to YOS for counseling after his girlfriend was involved in a shooting, Armando initially found it difficult to express his emotions, explaining, “Where I grew up, you can’t open up to people because you can’t trust everybody.” As a former gang member, he was familiar with the dangers of street life, including being shot at.

Christina, his YOS Treatment Counselor, worked with Armando on managing his anger and PTSD. A significant breakthrough occurred when discussions began to include his family. “I asked [Christina] to help me with my parents too because I was going through a lot of things with my dad,” Armando shared. This led to his father becoming involved in counseling and making positive changes for the family.

Armando, now a father, looks forward to being an active and supportive parent. Christina observed a remarkable transformation, noting, “Definitely, you can see a change in him. He’s more positive. He has a different outlook on life.”

YOS Counseling Services play a crucial role in helping young people like Armando navigate challenges related to violence and family dynamics.