Tyson – Counseling Services and Juvenile Justice

Tyson’s life began to unravel at 12, feeling out of place and eventually succumbing to the challenges of substance abuse, homelessness, and theft, which led to multiple incarcerations. His turning point came during one of his stints in juvenile detention, where he decided to pursue his GED and aim for a better life.

Upon release, Tyson’s parole officer connected him with Youth Outreach Services Counseling Services. The YOS team in the Austin Office worked closely with him, guiding him through his past difficulties and encouraging his aspirations for the future. Despite a challenging background, Tyson successfully overcame his drug addiction and learned to take responsibility for his actions.

With the guidance of his YOS counselors and case managers, Tyson actively engaged in community service, including street clean-up initiatives in the Austin area. His commitment now serves as an inspiration to his peers, demonstrating that overcoming adversity and contributing positively to the community is possible.

Today, Tyson is drug-free, embracing a life of positive change. He embodies the belief that there is always hope, regardless of the severity of one’s struggles, be it addiction or behavioral issues.

“Whether you have an addiction or an acting-out teen who seems beyond help, there is hope.”

Embracing the philosophy that change is always possible, Tyson is now planning to attend community college and major in juvenile justice. His journey with YOS has equipped him with the determination and optimism to seize new opportunities and continue on his path of positive transformation.