Phillip – Juvenile Justice

Phillip’s journey before joining YOS was marked by poor decisions. He had left school, disregarded his mother’s guidance, and engaged in drug selling, leading to his arrest and detainment in juvenile detention.

At YOS, Phillip found a supportive environment that fostered self-belief. He completed his probation, a process that included building trust with his parole officer and strengthening his bond with his mother. Phillip credits YOS for teaching him the value of hard work.

Now employed at a well-known taco restaurant, Phillip is saving to enroll in culinary school. His job has enabled him to accumulate enough savings to afford his own apartment, marking a significant stride towards independence.

Phillip’s efforts were recognized when he received the Outstanding Youth Award at the YOS Leadership for Youth Celebration. Faced with challenges, he recalls the advice from his counselor:

“Don’t give up until you try everything. Put in your all.”