Kevin – Juvenile Justice/Counseling

Kevin was directed to YOS by the Juvenile Justice Department Drug Court Program, initially exhibiting denial and resistance to the treatment. Despite these challenges, Kevin displayed a remarkable capacity for resilience.

Improving his attendance was the initial focus. With regular participation in sessions, Kevin’s counselor worked on transforming his attitude and perspective, laying the groundwork for effective treatment and positive life changes.

Gradually, Kevin’s mindset shifted, and his determination to improve became evident. A significant milestone was his first clean drug test, leading to further substantial improvements. His counselor now regards him as an “honors student” at YOS, noting his perfect attendance, continuous clean drug tests, and “most notably, has developed a positive overall disposition and outlook on life.”

Looking ahead, Kevin has re-enrolled in high school with the aim of leveraging his newfound positivity for academic success. He aspires to become a psychiatrist, motivated by a desire to assist others in similar situations to achieve positive outcomes.

*Not his real name or photo.