Jeremy – Foster Care

Jeremy, a teenager with a complex history of developmental, behavioral, and medical challenges, including a regimen of five medications, had been through ten placement homes and was on the verge of leaving a residential facility when Ivan Riley, a foster parent volunteer with Youth Outreach Services, stepped in.

Riley, in collaboration with a YOS case manager, worked to find the ideal placement in his home for Jeremy. The process involved Riley and Jeremy spending time together to ensure compatibility, progressing from short outings to overnight stays. Once it was clear they were a great match, the case manager facilitated the necessary resources for Jeremy, including coordination with schools and medical facilities.

Now, after more than a year together with Riley’s ongoing support from YOS, Jeremy has shown remarkable improvement. He is thriving in school, has reduced behavioral issues, and is down to two medications.

Jeremy’s prospects are looking up. He intends to join the military and pursue college education post-high school. The bond between Jeremy and Riley has also extended to forming a strong relationship with Jeremy’s biological parents. Riley is in the process of becoming Jeremy’s legal guardian.

Riley expresses his gratitude towards YOS, noting, “Riley can give his heart because he knows YOS is always there to give him a hand.” For Jeremy, life with Riley has been a significant positive change.

*Not his real name or photo.