Jasmine – Summer Employment Program

AJ Styles Barber and Beauty Salon in Oak Park, renowned for its unique and excellent service, recently partnered with YOS for the Summer Youth Employment Program. This initiative offered Jasmine, a participant, valuable insights into how style transcends physical appearance, influencing one’s demeanor and approach to life.

The salon is owned by Anthony Jones, a prominent figure in Chicago’s Austin community and a dedicated mentor to local youth. Jones is committed to teaching the value of hard work through practical experiences. “I strongly believe that working at a young age can shape your character, and it’s crucial to embrace real-life challenges early on in the workplace,” he expressed.

Jones’ commitment was evident at AJ Styles, where summer employees, predominantly young people, received hands-on training. Among them was Jasmine, a 16-year-old aspiring cosmetologist. Her experience at the salon was transformative, enhancing her skills in hair care and client interaction, and bolstering her confidence in her chosen career path. Jasmine values her time at AJ Styles highly, seeing it as a stepping stone to future employment opportunities.

Jones has always envisioned AJ Styles as more than just a salon; he sees it as a welcoming, comfortable space that doubles as a learning environment for youth. “It’s all about wanting to learn,” Jones remarked, emphasizing the broader impact of a desire for knowledge in both cosmetology and life.

Reflecting on her experience, Jasmine shared, “Working this summer for Youth Outreach Services helped me stay out of trouble and kept me busy. I can add this experience to my resume, and I know it will impress future jobs.” This statement underscores the program’s effectiveness in providing constructive, skill-building opportunities for young individuals like Jasmine.