Gina – Counseling Services and Prevention

Before joining YOS, 16-year-old Gina was struggling with alcohol abuse and depression, exacerbated by her father’s death from COVID-19. She became withdrawn, abandoning her interests and adopting a pessimistic view of life. Concerned, her friends informed her mother about Gina’s drinking with older students after school, highlighting the profound impact of her father’s loss on her.

Recognizing the need for professional help to address Gina’s depression, substance use, and coping difficulties, her mother sought assistance from YOS. Katie, a YOS MST therapist, collaborated with Gina and her mother to understand her struggles and develop a supportive plan for behavioral change.

YOS instilled confidence in Gina, guiding her to find positive ways to address her challenges. Gina now draws on her counselor’s advice in tough times: “Don’t give up until you try everything.”

Currently, Gina is on a path of ongoing improvement and is optimistic about her future. She acknowledges:

“YOS has been a great resource and has helped me to make good choices. I feel YOS believes in me.”