All Hands Health Network highlights YOS as Partner Provider

All Hands Health Network recently spotlighted Youth Outreach Services (YOS) as a key Partner Provider. Based in Chicago, YOS, since 1959, has significantly influenced over 400,000 youths and families, focusing on at-risk individuals aged 12-21 across numerous communities.

YOS’s mission involves empowering youth and families through various community services, addressing challenges such as mental illness, domestic violence, substance use, and homelessness. They offer a broad spectrum of trauma-informed services, including counseling, child welfare, and juvenile justice interventions.

Key areas of service include:

  • Counseling: YOS provides comprehensive counseling, including behavioral health services, crisis intervention, mentorship, and case management, adopting a community and family-inclusive approach.
  • Child Welfare: The organization extends intensive support to homeless youth entangled in the juvenile justice and child welfare systems.
  • Juvenile Justice: Collaborating with legal entities, YOS aids youth in legal processes, focusing on reducing recidivism and promoting positive decision-making.
  • Prevention: Initiatives target substance use, teen pregnancy prevention, and workforce development, offering skill-building and constructive engagement for young people.

With over six decades of service, YOS collaborates with organizations like All Hands Health Network, ensuring youths access tailored mental health services. Jamie Noto, the Executive Director of YOS, emphasizes their commitment to empowering young people and their families for overcoming challenges and achieving success.