Financial Literacy Workshops

Youth Outreach Services (YOS) has partnered with Vantage Point Financial (VPT) to offer financial literacy workshops to all those participating in the youth employment program. The 60-minute workshops will cover basic financial concepts such as the value of money, budgeting, managing expenses, paying off debt and interest, banking, financial products like credit cards and student loans, and setting goals. Understanding debt and having basic financial knowledge will help these young adults build a strong foundation of skills vital for financial security and independence.

To support the participants, VPT plans to provide Ventra cards so the youth can commute to and from their jobs without the stress of figuring out how to pay for their transportation costs. Your support can make a significant difference in the lives of young people and help build a brighter future for generations to come. Please consider donating to our cause today!

Youth Employment Program

Youth Outreach Services (YOS)  collaborates with One Summer Chicago (OSC), to offer unique employment and enrichment opportunities to at-risk youth aged 14 to 24. Approximately 100 youth participate in the program every summer.

YOS takes a personalized approach by providing diverse job opportunities and carefully matching participants with jobs based on their individual interests, skills, and the community area or neighborhood where they live. Depending on the opportunity, jobs could range from outdoor work to placements at local businesses, as well as involvement in arts and academic enrichment programs. It’s important to note that the best opportunity for youth may require a longer commute than originally expected.

At the heart of the program, YOS is unwavering in its commitment to providing each youth with a safe and rewarding summer experience. Our dedicated team works closely with youth, their parents, or guardians to address concerns, offer guidance and support with logistical issues, and help youth establish themselves in their summer jobs. The program is thoughtfully designed to help develop soft skills and leadership for all participants. Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of a great cause and help us continue our mission of changing young lives for the better.

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